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Coloring and Activity Pages For Self Publishers

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60 Under The Sea Character Coloring Pages

Dolphin 1
Dolphin 2
Dolphin 3
Lobster 1
Lobster 2
Lobster 3
Jellyfish 1
Jellyfish 2
Jellyfish 3
Octopus 1
Octopus 2
Octopus 3
Oyster 1
Oyster 2
Oyster 3
Pufferfish 2
Pufferfish 1
Pufferfish 3
Turtle 1
Turtle 2
Turtle 3
Seahorse 1
Seahorse 2
Seahorse 3
Shark 2
Shark 1
Shark 3
Shrimp 1
Shrimp 2
Shrimp 3
Starfish 1
Starfish 2
Starfish 3
Stingray 1
Stingray 2
Stingray 3
Whale 1
Whale 2
Whale 3
Starfish 4
Fishy 1
Fishy 2
Fishy 3
Fishy 4
Turtle 4
Fishy 5
Fishy 6
Squid 4
Lobster 4
Starfish 5
Fishy 7
Fishy 8
2 Fish
2 Starfish
Squid And Fish
2 Fish 1 Turtle

6 Additional Under The Sea Coloring Pages

2 Pufferfish Colouring
Angelfish Colouring
Squid Coloring
Crab Coloring
Starfish Coloring Pages
Under The Sea

Color And Count Activity Pages

1 Fish
2 Fish
3 Fish
4 Fish
5 Fish

Color And Scrambled Letter Activity Pages

Turtle Scrambled
Squid Scrambled
Lobster Scrambled
Starfish Scrambled Letters
Fish Scrambled

Color And Printing Activity Pages

2 Fish
Startfish Handwriting
123 Under The Sea 70 E1616721863465

"Count 1, 2, 3" Coloring Activity Pages

1 Dolphin
2 Dolphins
3 Dolphins
1 Lobster
2 Lobsters
3 Lobster
2 Jellyfish
3 Jellyfish
1 Octopus
2 Octopi
3 Octopi
1 Oyster
2 Oysters
3 Oysters
1 Pufferfish
2 Pufferfish
3 Pufferfish
1 Turtle
2 Turtles
3 Turtles
1 Seahorse
2 Seahorses
3 Seahorses
1 Shark
2 Sharks
3 Sharks
1 Shrimp
2 Shrimps
3 Shrimp
1 Starfish
2 Starfish
3 Starfish
1 Stingray
2 Stingray
3 Stingray
1 Whale
2 Whales
3 Whales

Why You Need UNDER THE SEA Content Pack

Selling Children’s Activity Books Is Highly Profitable!

Under the Sea Content Pack Makes It Simple For Self-Publishers and Low Content Authors To Create, Sell, and Profit From This HOT PROVEN TO PROFIT NICHE.

And This Box Of Ready To Publish Pages Can Be Combined In Multiple Ways, Meaning Multiple Activity Books Can Be Published And Sold Online.

Children’s Activity Books and Pages Sell Like Crazy on Amazon & Etsy Check out these screenshots...

Kids 5
Kids 2
Kids 3
Kids 6
Kids 7
Kids 8
Kids 4

So If It's So Profitable, Why Isn't Everyone Doing This?

There are a number of reasons that prevent self publishers profiting from this unique and highly profitable niche.

The 2 Major Barriers are:

Creating Content For Children’s Activity Books is Difficult And Time Consuming!

We know that children's activity books are hugely popular but creating the content for them is difficult and time consuming.  Time that most people just don't have!.

First you need to come up with your theme (Under The Sea).  Then you need to decide what kind of activities you want to include (writing, counting, coloring, drawing).  Then you need to plan the layout of each of the pages, plus you need to design and draw all the items you are going to include on your pages.

In short, content creation often is the first reason why people fail to produce any activity books.

Most People Can't Illustrate The Pages and Licensing Can Be A Nightmare!

Hiring a Freelance Illustrator to Draw The Images For Children’s Activity Pages is Expensive

Illustrators charge an average of $40-$60 per hour (on sites such as Fiverr)

Based on the time spent creating "Under The Sea", each activity book requires 200 hours to complete. It will cost you at least $8,000 - $12,000.

Let’s be honest.  There are very few of us willing to risk that amount of money before we even publish our activity book!

And then you need to make sure you get a full commercial license.  If you don't have the right publishing license you risk your profits and your entire business!

With Under The Sea Content Pack You Don't Need To Worry About Any Of Those Issues!

You Get 130 Ready To Publish Activity Book Content Pages In Multiple Formats.  Get PDF files, Adobe Illustrator Files, PNG Image Files and PowerPoint Files.  All Pages Come With "Self Publisher" Commercial License Meaning You Can Publish Your Activity Books With Confidence.

With Under The Sea Activity Bundle You Are Getting:

60 Under The Sea Character Coloring Pages
39 Count And Color 1, 2, 3 Pages
15 Handwriting And Color Pages
6 Under The Sea Themed Coloring Pages
5 Scrambled Word Coloring Puzzles
5 Fish Count And Color Pages
Mockup Under The Sea Activity Book

Limited Time Bonus Pack

Purchase Under The Sea during the launch period and you'll also receive the following activity pages with full self publisher commercial license.

10 Additional Under The Sea Coloring Pages
10 Under The Sea Mazes
5 Under The Sea Word Search Puzzles
5 Under The Sea Dot To Dot Puzzles

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