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February 2, 2021
by Jason

Mailing and Subscribers List 101
Create List Frenzy The White Hat Way!

In the last post we spoke about the different methods for collecting emails and building your list. Today we help you discover additional methods to build your mailing and subscribers lists automatically. 

We share our thoughts on the practice of buying or renting lists, and what you must consider should you decide to do so. By the end of the article you will know how to set up and build truly powerful mailing and subscribers lists.

Buying or Renting a List

So let’s start with the most highly debated and argued aspect in email marketing circles. The practice of buying or renting mailing and subscribers lists.

When we start out online we are made aware how important it is to build our email list. But as many of you know, it is easier said than done to get people to part with their email address. 

It takes time. In the last article we learnt that people will offer their email if they have a compelling reason to do so. However another major factor in the decision is if they believe they can trust you and you will keep their email secure.

Building trust online develops over time and due to your actions and interactions. For this reason many people make the decision to speed up the process and to buy or rent mailing and subscribers lists. 

You are probably aware that there are many places you can rent or buy mailing lists. Often this will be offered as a bonus or in forums.

My advice. Keep clear of this practice. And avoid doing business with anyone who offers it.

The Risks You Run If You Rent Or Buy

In todays online marketing world, the practice of buying and renting email and subscribers lists is simply a crazy practice. In fact you run the risk of your business being blacklisted and your hard earned subscribers choosing to opt out.


The emails you receive are on lists of people you don’t know. They have no relationship with you. They haven’t purchased from you. They haven’t received any offer, support or benefit.

You become an online version of the cold call saleperson. 

Think about the following points:

1. Do you know that the emails you received have opted in to a list owned by the person you are purchasing from? 

2. Do you know they have been attained genuinely or have they been acquired through blackhat methods? 

3. Do you know they are valid working emails or have they been created spam mail boxes?

4. Do you know the person you end up contacting has approved of their email address being used for sales and marketing purposes?

The only thing that you can guarantee, if the email addresses are valid, is that the people who receive your mail definitely didn’t want their personal information sold.

They likely didn’t want to get uninvited mails from someone they don’t recognise and will likely unsubscribe on the spot, and you lose the chance of ever having them as a customer or subscriber.

You also run the risk of them reporting you and your business as Spam. There are guidelines and enforced penalities for using Spam techniques. You can see them on the FTC Can Spam At webpage.

mailing and subscribers lists - Never Spam

Mailing and Subscribers Lists - Avoid Being Labelled As Spam

The only time you should consider using emails that do not come from your own subscribers is for Solo Ads. This is because your sales and marketing message will be sent by the owner of the list as a way of introduction.

However you need to be sure that the solo ad purchased will genuinely be offered to emails obtained from the list of whoever you purchase from. Be careful and if in doubt avoid!

We will discuss solo ads in more detail later in the guide.

Emailing And Subscribers - The Right Way

Choose The White Hat Way To Build Your Mailing and Subscriber Lists 

When you start out you want to be doing it the right way, or the white hat way. You certainly don’t want to run risks when it comes to your mailing list. 

To be successful online and grow a business that it profitable means earning the trust and loyalty of your subscribers. You can only do that when you ensure your personal approach is trustworthy and ethical. 

Don’t be afraid to ask visitors to your website for their email. Be honest about the benefit they will receive and those that they can expect for being a member of your list. 

For many people a mailing and subscribers list is the key element that will make or break a business. 

For this reason I use page and funnel builders only from companies I trust and respect. For me the choice to use OptimizePress was easy, particularly as they have features built in to grow and build your email lists.


Why Build Mailing and Subscribers Lists For Online Business?

A mailing and subscribers list is a must if you want to create large volume sales and be able to make significant profits online. 

To put this in perspective let’s look at an example of why a mailing list is so important.

Statistically the average customer needs to visit a website seven or more times before they actually buy something. 

So you have a choice. You accept that many won’t return again and you have lost traffic and potential sales. Or you decide that when you have visitors on your website you will provide them with a reason to come back, or receive a benefit and updates from you. 

Which approach sounds more likely to succeed in business?

That is why you need mailing and subscribers lists!

Another reason is because you expand your potential to profit. Without a mailing list you need to hope people return and purchase from your website or affiliate link. 

When you have their email in your subscribers list you can hope they return to your site AND you can mail them a newsletter, encourage them to return to the website, offer them additional benefits, and offer them great value with links to recommendations directly from your email!

There is a great deal of evidence that confirms people who have a relationship with you and trust your business will repeatedly purchase from your email marketing recommendations.

Avoid email pitfalls - emailing and subscribers

How To Avoid Mailing And Subscribers List Disaster!

Let’s look at the mistakes and pitfalls you need avoid at all cost when building your list

Possibly even more important than the methods you should use when building your mailing and subscriber list are those that you should not.

There are certain things you should never do when you are trying to build your list. Here is our guide to keep yourself safe as you grow your list.

1. Never Buy Bulk And Blast Email!

Simply put you will not make money sending bulk email to people you do not know (and don’t even know exist). 

Spend enough time online and you will see the ads that promise thousands of email addresses for a tiny price. When seen, know this, you are purchasing from a bulk mail company and you have no idea the methods employed to gather the addresses you may, or may not, receive.

While having thousands of subscribers may be the ultimate goal you need to do it the right way! Many bulk mail companies use automatic tools including robots on the Web to illegally scrape addresses. 

If you buy the list, there is a very good chance you are buying a list of names of people that do not want to receive marketing for the product you are offering. 

You risk being labeled as a sender of spam. And the reality is, if the person you email did not give you specific consent or did not subscribe to your mailing list you are spamming them

2. Sending Spam!

Spamming is guaranteed to end in failure when building your subscriber list. Bulk mailing is pointless. Avoid this at all costs.

Bulk mailing and subscribers lists include the names and contact information of people that may, or may not, have an interest in buying what it is you have to offer. 

If you are not targeting you end up offering totally inappropriate products to people. You do not add value. And you can almost certainly expect a large percentage of them to report you and your business.

If you are looking for great design and marketing solutions that always hits the right mark, I recommend PlaceIt. I use them for all my design and mockups. Make sure your marketing is on the mark!

mailing and subscribers,mailing and subscribers lists

3. Ignoring Lead Building Possibilities

To build lists for emailing and subscribers you first need people to sign up. 

Your fantastic content is one part of the equation. User experience is the second and great lead generation is the third. When these three are done together your email list grows exponentially.

You may have the absolute best content and website is fast, intuitive and easy to access, but if no one can see your sign up form all your efforts are in vain! Well as far as email marketing goes. 

People need to see your sign up forms and be told very clearly what it is you offer as an incentive!

4. Promoting Irrelevant Products

It is critical to build brand awareness and develop a relationship with those on your emailing and subscribers list.

The more that you do to build trust with your subscribers and members the better. This is done by offering value, not just selling. And by ensuring the products you recommend are high quality and deliver exactly what you say they will! 

That doesn’t mean you have to guarantee that your subscribers will “make money” or “find love”. It means that you clearly state the benefits of the product, and that its cost is good value.

When subscribers trust you and your products the easier it is to convert them into repeat customers.

Every email you send to your list should directly work towards strengthening your brands recognition for trust, for honesty, and for value. 

So be very careful, especially if promoting affiliate products, that you only promote quality and that you can honestly endorse what you decide to sell.

Whether you are the product owner or not, if you give it your stamp of approval, your subscribers will hold you accountable should the product or service fail to deliver.

5. Lack Of Beneficial Benefits - The "What's In It For Me" Scenario.

Nowadays, subscribers on your list understand how online marketing works. You can’t try to fudge or trick someone into joining your mailing list. You shouldn’t want to even try! These tactics simply result in quickly damaging your brands reputation.

Of course you can entice subscribers with an incentive. But if what you offer doesn’t match the promises you made, your subscribers will soon catch on. Any trust will leave with the unsubscribed customer and neither will return.

Competition is stiff online. So, offering crappy quality downloads or valueless rewards will not work.

To join your emailing and subscribers list, customers want to receive what was promised. 

It’s a boost to your business if they discover that you provide greater quality and better value than they anticipated. 

It’s a disaster if the hype doesn’t match the reality.

6. Believing Traffic Is Guaranteed

Ignore hypes sales pitch ads that guarantee to send your website traffic for a very low price. The company offering the deal may send 100,000 or more visitors to your website.

However the likelihood is you will not get a single subscriber or make a single sale. 


The traffic is usually generated by pop up windows. Meaning that your website is loaded into a pop up window and pops up on a website owned by someone else. 

So, someone might be surfing the net and your website pops up on top of the site being explored. What do you do in this sitation? You hit the X button and close the pop up!

The results are your website is sent to thousands of un-targeted customers who simply close the pop-up and never engage with your site at all. 

To achieve success in list building is only done when you target your customers. 

That simply means that the people who see your ads, or receive your marketing, must be aimed at people most likely to be interested in your niche and the products you market.

In Summary!

Let's sum it up!  I hope you have learned some useful information about building mailing and subscribers lists. I hope you have decided that it is best to target your niche, to avoid promised quick wins and will put your learning into action.

If there is anything you would like to ask, anything you would like more clearly explained please don’t hesitate to het in touch and I will help as best I can.

In the next article we look at designing pages that act like magnets to subscribers. We will also discuss the idea of offering a “free gift”, the pros, the cons and what needs to be considered before making the offer at all!

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