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Leadership Works

Effective school leaders shape a vision of academic success for all students.

Truly effective educational leaders cultivate the leadership in and among others, they improve teaching pedagogy and practice which creates a culture and aligned vision of learning in their schools

Baigent International Leadership Works is a programme for Principals, Senior Managers and Governing Bodies/Boards of Trustees to develop, implement, and sustain a vision for professional learning.

Through a combination of team learning, small communities of practice, and personalized coaching, we work with these leaders to apply the Standards for Professional Learning, Accelerated Attainment and Student Progression in their schools and ensure that educators are working in learning communities that engage an ongoing cycle of continuous improvement.


School-based Educationally Excellent

Professional learning is the most effective way to ensure that teaching proficiency impacts student achievement.

Educationally Excellent Schools do not send teachers and managers on courses, they understand learning takes place on site, solving the real issues within the school.

Educationally Excellent Schools make a commitment to achieving true transformation. They have teacher teams that engage in cycles of continuous improvement. They set aside time in the workday for professional learning. They have Principals who serve as learning leaders in their schools and a culture where everyone assumes collective responsibility for the success of all students.

Baigent International Educationally Excellent provides training and support for leaders and teachers to make sure your school operates as a high-functioning professional learning community driven by job-embedded, teacher-led cycles of continuous improvement.

Exceptional Coaching

Instructional coaches are an invaluable resource in any learning system. Coaches have the power to influence teaching, student learning, and school culture. Improvement and Excellence Coaching is a proven method of achieving outstanding educational leadership

Developing your own exceptional coaching model is an invaluable resource in any learning system

Coaches have the power to influence teaching, student learning, and school culture. Effective coaching programmes can ensure that 90% of staff learning transfers to the classroom.

The Baigent International Exceptional Coach Academy provides comprehensive learning and ongoing support for your system’s coaches and the leaders who support them.

We offer exceptional Coaches Academy training at your location and design each academy to meet your coaches’ most pressing needs.

Professional Learning Communities

Effective professional learning communities engage teams in a cycle of continuous improvement, promote collective responsibility for student learning, and support alignment of individual, team, school, and school system goals

The development of professional learning communities is a highly successful educational improvement process where change, instructional improvement, and increased student learning are the goals.

PLC makes learning the intention of collaboration and excellence the outcome.

Professional Learning Academy works with organisational, school, ECE and teacher leaders to set a vision for PLCs and ensure educators convene regularly to engage in collaborative professional learning that strengthens their practice and increase student results.

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